4 Effective Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

4 Effective Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Dec 01, 2020

Despite advancements in the field of dentistry, many people still find themselves with yellow teeth. In 2015 alone, Americans spent around $11 billion on whitening their teeth. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, so discolored teeth could make you self-conscious and lower your self-esteem. Thanks to modern dentistry, you do not have to stay this way as there are several products you could use to brighten up your smile once again.

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Several factors could cause your tooth to discolor:

  • Particular foods or drinks like red wine, tea, blueberries, or coffee
  • Consuming high amounts of simple carbohydrates and sugar
  • Chewing or smoking tobacco
  • Medication and mouthwash side effects
  • The age factor
  • Genetics
  • Trauma to the mouth
  • Excessive consumption of fluoride
  • Poor oral hygiene practices
  • Dry mouth

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening

This article rounded up some of the most popular and effective home remedies to help you throughout your teeth whitening journey. However, you should consult your dentist in Delta, BC before embarking on any of these remedies. These options are natural, and so your safety is guaranteed. They include:

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional Indian technique that aims at improving oral hygiene and flushing out toxins from your body. Bacteria, when left to reside inside the mouth, could form plaque and turn your teeth yellow. With this remedy, you just need to swish oil in your mouth to eliminate the bacteria. Although Indians traditionally used sesame oil or sunflower for this remedy, you could use any oil. Most people prefer using coconut oil for oil pulling due to its pleasant taste and its numerous benefits.

Coconut oil also has high lauric acid content. Lauric acid reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. According to recently-concluded studies, besides reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth, oil pulling also lowers gingivitis and plaque. Although there is no scientific evidence that it whitens teeth, many people have reported having whiter teeth after trying this remedy.

To oil pull, put one coconut oil tablespoon in your mouth and swish it around for at least 15 minutes before spitting it out.

Use Baking Soda

Due to its whitening properties, baking soda is among the main ingredients in most kinds of toothpaste. It is also mildly abrasive, a quality that helps get rid of teeth stains. Baking soda also increases your mouth’s alkalinity, thus preventing bacterial growth. However, it would be best if you were patient with this method as the results won’t come overnight.

Even though there is no scientific proof that brushing your teeth using baking soda whitens your teeth, studies indicate that toothpaste with baking soda as an ingredient has a teeth whitening effect. Further studies have shown that these toothpastes are more effective at removing plaques than their non-baking soda counterparts.

Mix water (two tablespoons) and baking soda (one tablespoon) and use the paste to brush your teeth.

Brush using Hydrogen Peroxide

Besides being known for its natural bleaching properties, hydrogen peroxide also kills bacteria residing in the mouth. This is evident in the number of people that have been using this ingredient to disinfect wounds over the years.

One study indicated that toothpaste containing 1% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda lead to whiter teeth. However, it would help if you were cautious while using these ingredients as overuse or substantial concentrations could cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Also, high doses could cause cancer, although this hasn’t been proven yet.

You could use it as a mouthwash before you start brushing your teeth or mix it with water and use the paste to brush. Only use it a few days per week because overuse could erode the enamel.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Used in small amounts, apple cider vinegar could whiten your teeth. Create a mouthwash using six ounces of water and two apple cider vinegar teaspoons and swish the mixture in your mouth for at least 30 seconds. Afterward, rinse your mouth using water before proceeding to brush your teeth.

Because it is known for its ability to damage your teeth hardness and structure, care should be taken to use only for short periods.

Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Surrey, BC

Are you looking for a dental clinic that offers teeth whitening in Surrey, BC? At Precision Dentistry, we care about your smile, which is why we recommend the best teeth whitening remedies to our patients. If this doesn’t work, we advise visiting our dentist near you for professional teeth whitening. We offer general dentistry in Delta as well as cosmetic dentistry. Visit our Newton dentist today for tooth whitening in Delta.

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