Which Type of Braces Would You Prefer for Straightening Your Teeth?

Which Type of Braces Would You Prefer for Straightening Your Teeth?

Oct 01, 2020

Are you still under the perception that straightening teeth with braces is the sole domain of teenagers and adolescents? Would you be surprised if told that nearly 20 percent of American adults choose to get orthodontic treatments with braces or alternatives to straighten their teeth?

Earlier it was believed that adults couldn’t or shouldn’t have braces in their mouths because they were advertising to everyone around them; they had problems with their teeth. Furthermore, metal and wire braces were not the most attractive orthodontic appliances attached to the teeth.

Metal and wire braces prevented people from smiling before everyone and also subjected them to dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, people who had crooked, misaligned, or teeth with gaps had no options other than these orthodontic appliances to choose from when contacting a dentist or orthodontist to rectify the problem in their mouths.

Dramatic changes are seen over the last few years, with more adults becoming conscious about their smiles. If you are one among them, you could be discussing the options available to you with the dentist in Delta to understand your choices. You could be surprised by the variety presently available, as described in this blog.

What are Your Choices When Selecting Braces for Yourselves?

The following options are available if you want to straighten your teeth with braces.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are an inexpensive variety for adults and are available in stainless steel. Metal braces are incredibly useful and are recommended if you have complicated issues in your mouth. Unfortunately, they are visible to everyone when wearing them. Traditional braces hold a thin wire in place with rubber bands to put pressure on the teeth for moving them in the desired position.

Traditional braces, despite being recommended for their effectiveness, can irritate your cheeks and gums initially. You must be careful to avoid eating foods that may stick to the brackets and must also refrain from eating hard foods.

Ceramic Braces

If you are willing to spend more, you can opt for ceramic braces that have a natural appearance and blend with the teeth making them less visible. The braces are held with clear elastic wires and white metal ties.

The ceramic braces are stain-resistant, but the ties can discolor if you consume foods and beverages that you cannot avoid. The ties are changed every time you visit the dentist for adjustments. Ceramic braces are fragile and can break or chip easily. They also need more time for the installation than metal braces.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces from Align technologies called Invisalign are virtually invisible and slightly expensive but preferred by adults because they allow them to straighten their teeth discreetly. The transparent aligners are suitable for you if you do not have complicated issues with your teeth. Invisible braces allow you to keep your orthodontic treatment under wraps from everyone.

Invisible braces will allow you to save time by not requiring you to visit the dental Delta frequently for adjustments. The braces are not held by wires and are placed on your teeth.

You can also find lingual braces that will remain entirely out of sight because they are attached to the lingual sides of your teeth. Lingual braces cost more than metal, ceramic, or invisible braces because they are complicated to install and need assistance from an experienced orthodontist.

As can be seen, the choices presently available are vast. They can leave you confused unless you decide to consult a skilled dental facility like Precision Dentistry to advise you on which type of braces you should choose for rectifying the problems with your teeth.

When you meet the dentist in Delta to inquire about straightening your teeth, they will evaluate your mouth to understand the complexity of your situation. They may recommend stainless steel bracelets initially as they are the most effective variety available. However, if the issues affecting you are not complicated, invisible braces are advised to give you the benefit of straightening your teeth discreetly.

You should consider yourselves fortunate if offered invisible braces for straightening your teeth. The dentist confirms that your problems are not complicated and can be treated effectively and discreetly with invisible braces like Invisalign. The braces allow you to have an enhanced smile and better oral hygiene faster without publishing your orthodontic treatment to all and sundry around you.

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